Damier or Monogram Speedy 30?

  1. Ok, once again I'm at it with all the shopping questions but I am still not sure on what items to buy. I def want the bagitnolles horizontal and I really want to get a speedy too but should I get it is monogram or damier azur? Any preferences? x
  2. I think the Monogram is more classic but, i also like the Damier. I'm sorry I am not helping.:smile: Either one is a great choice. Good Luck.

    BTW I have the monogram 30.:yes:
  3. Monogram !!!
  4. I like Damier :smile:
  5. I prefer mono in the 30. I don't know why - but I do!
  6. If your going to get a Bagitnolles Horizontal in Monogram. Why not mix it up and get a Damier Azur? :yes:
  7. I think the azur looks better in the 25 than the 30. The mono looks great in both sizes.
  8. ^ ita