Damier or Monogram Sophie?


Damier or Monogram Sophie?

  1. Damier

  2. Monogram

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  1. If you had the choice between a Damier or Monogram Sophie, which one would you choose? This is my current dilemma and I'm torn between the two!
  2. They are both nice, but there is something extra classy about the Damier to me.
  3. do Damier :tup: the Inventeur plaque looks better on Damier too.
  4. Damier!
  5. damier looks better than mono, just my opinion~~~
  6. Damier! I love it! :yahoo:
  7. i have both...... but Damier looks nicer and more practical. i don't have to worry about the leather getting wet or dirty!
  8. Damier!
  9. one more vote for Damier! Just looks overall better!
  10. I have both, but prefer the Mono

    I prefer the Damier strap though
  11. I like the Damier better. Classy looking and no vachetta to worry about!!
  12. Damier gets my vote... you won't have to worry about the vachetta!
  13. I have both and they're two different bags IMO. Damier is more classy and elegant and Mono a little more casual and fun. Can't you get both? LOL
  14. Damier gets my vote
  15. I like the Mono.:love: