Damier or monogram Pegase 50? Thoughts?

  1. I've decided that with the increasing dramas of checking in luggage on flights, I am going to downsize and try to fly without checking luggage. I think the Pegase 50 is the perfect size and a couple of people I've spoken to have said it's perfect for short trips.

    The only question is: Damier or Monogram? I don't actually own any mono LV, as I don't really like it (so much fake stuff out there) and I've always bought damier. But when I was looking at the mono Pegase, it started to work its magic and appeal to me.:love:

    Am in a bit of a dilemma now :shrugs: and would be grateful for any comments anyone has? I'm not really worried about matching handbags to luggage, but would be a little concerned about theft, is a mono suitcase going to stand out to crims mroe than a damier, which is a little more discreet?
  2. Damier!
  3. Mono!! Not a damier lover myself.
  4. mono :smile:
  5. Damier!!!!
  6. I vote Damier as well....
  7. I'm a big Damier fan so I'd have to go with Damier! :p
  8. Thanks for replying! Damier is certainly moving up in the democratic stakes:tup:

    Has anyone here used one of these bags? Do they wear well?
  9. damier!
  10. Damier!
  11. I have been wondering the same thing as far as the Keepall 55. I like the looks of Mono but then I think the Damier won't show as much wear and tear.
  12. i vote damier, i dont like the vachetta like part that will turn honey color
  13. Monogram
  14. You can't go wrng with either but if you want something worry free go with damier I personally don't find the mono that stressfull it cleans up very well but the damier really has nothing to worry about.

    Now about the size IMHO I think the 50 is a little small and you can use the 60 as carry on luggage too my luggage is 3-4 years old and I check it when I travel I haven't travelled for a little while but I've checked it maybe 6-8 times for international travel it's been through heathrow and LAX with no problems what so ever

    here's an old pic see no wear
    [easse keeall 2.jpg
  15. Here is another pic this one is a bit closer and more recnt this one was taken a few months ago but see it's still in really good condition