damier or monogram koala wallet?


Damier or Monogram?

  1. Monogram

  2. Damier

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  1. please?
  2. Damier.....the Koala wallet somehow looks better with Damier.:smile:
  3. I like the koala better in the mono, of course I own one so I'm biased. I really don't think you can go wrong with either though.
  4. Damier for sure!
    I love this style in Damier..it's pretty, IMO.
  5. I have the mono but if I could re-choose I'd go damier. I love the red inside
  6. Damier AZUR! That will be my next Koala (I have the white MC).
  7. Right now, I like Mono more than Damier.
  8. I have the mono but I love the red interior of the damier. Go damier!
  9. That's a tough choice, I love everything koala, pressed for answer I'd pick damier.
  10. I'm not usually too fond of Damier but I do love the bright red interior, so that's what I'd pick!
  11. as u all know..i AM a damier fan.........but i keep eyeing this auction that's a monogram.......................................sigh.
  12. Damier :yes:. i like the red interior, and it's not as common as the Mono
  13. thanks everyone
  14. why is it called koala??? anyone know?
  15. the nose