Damier or Monogram for 1st Time LV Bag?

  1. Okay, so after all of your great advice that has convinced me of how much I want a Speedy, I am now having second thoughts of whether I want the Monogram.
    Now I am a little uncertain if whether the Damier might be a better choice for my first bag. I will definitely be using my Speedy pretty much everyday, and living in Michigan with the harsh winters, I am a little concerned about the light leather on the Monogram. I like the patina'd look and I love the Monogram, however I worry about waterspots, dirt, salt from snow, etc, and I know I will freak out if the bag gets messed up from the weather... For those of you who have both (or just any opinions, actually), what do you think would be a wiser choice? Does the Damier stay looking new longer? I also am thinking I like the Damier because it's very classic looking like the Monogram, but much less uncommon.
    Such decisions...:upsidedown:

    Thanks for all the great help!

  2. As a first Vuitton I would probably go for the monogram, especially as you say you like the patina look so you can use appleguard on it. However the damier is gorgeous so I wouldn't wait to long to add a damier piece as well :yes:
  3. Damier ! Less common and easier to look after.:smile:
  4. def go for the speedy 25 in damier! i am ordering it this week...i had it for day and returned it to get the mini ribera but realized how much i do love that print and the speedy!! u can always get the mono if want after
  5. You know, it's funny, everyone kinda relates the mono canvas with the "classic" LV when in reality the FIRST was Damier.....Damier is the real "classic" in LV...Others may not agree with me but, I know Michigan, my family lives there and the weather can be tough which is why I say start out with a Damier piece, it's so low maint. and you don't have to worry about when and where you use it. Then go for a mono canvas after that so you can switch off and be selective about when you use the mono can. Go for the Damier in a speedy, that way you don't have to deal with the handle changing from the oils in you hands and etc. etc. etc. Then maybe do a shoulder bag in the mono canvas, maybe a musette salsa or tango, or a Batignolles. That's MO...
  6. I'm into damier right now so I say go for that.
  7. Wow, I had no idea the Damier came before the Monogram. I am thinking the Damier may be a better first choice, as the idea of having to hide my Speedy under my jacket and dash to my car/apartment/job everytime a snowflake falls does not seem really appealing to me. :idea:
  8. i agree :yes:. it hasn't been faked to tears yet.
  9. both are classic and beautiful.. its hard to go wrong! My first LV was a mono speedy... then I moved on to the epi, which I LOVE! I felt like the mono became so trendy and replicated--and you see less of that with the damier and epi.
  10. Yeah, not everyone is aware of that, Damier was the first, but there was a long period of time from what I understand where they did not produce Damier, then they came back out with it again in more recent times.....I don't know all of the specifics off the top of my head, but I had read all about it years ago, it was actually the brother that came out with the monogram canvas (again from what I can remember)...I'm sure we can look it up on Louis Vuitton.com, I just am too lazy to refresh my memory.......
  11. Damier is good for fall and winter, and monogram is GREAT for spring and summer! Hope that helps!
  12. I'm really into damier now too. It is the original LV and so elegant.
  13. If you're worried about the weather, definitely Damier!
    It's super easy to care for. Not that monogram isn't, but for your first bag, you'll tend to worry about it less if there isn't any vachetta.
  14. this too, though unfortunate, is a very good point, I'm kinda tired of how many mono fakes there are out there.....I'm kinda done with buying mono canvas between that and the vachetta maint. don't get me wrong, I still think they are absolutely beautiful, but I just get tired of seeing everyone with the same thing.....when I started buying LV, very few people in my area had it and it wasn't as faked to death....but times have changed......
  15. What is appleguard?