Damier or Mono Speedy????

  1. good evening ladies...

    i find myself in the midst of a dilemna. My sister finishes up her last semester of school in December and I would love to purchase her a speedy, but i am torn between the monogram or the damier. On one hand i love the damier because it is different and then i like the monogram because of the classic tradition of it all. Since I don't own a speedy myself (which i might need to rectify) I have decided to turn to the experts. So give me your preferences...stories...etc:hrmm:
  2. the Monogram is a classic and everybody buys it as their first LV (everybody but me, maybe; i bought it as my 9th or something like that :P)

    the Damier is also a classic, and i love it because it has no vachetta and your sister doesn't have to worry about getting it too dirty. plus not EVERYBODY has it yet :yes:
  3. I prefer the damier, because it is less common. I'm sure your sister would love either one, they would both be such a great gift!
  4. Mono is so classic .. Damier.. I'm just falling more in love with it..
    You can't go wrong with either!!
    I'd pick the Damier ...!
  5. I like the damier. I used to have a mono speedy and I didn't use it much because I thought it was too flashy. I have the MC speedy, and I am very conscious of people looking at it when I use it. I'm not sure if it's from the bright colors, or that the LV trademark is splashed all over it. The damier is more subtle, and it's a very beautiful purse. I just bought one last weekend, and I have used it almost everyday since. People don't usually recognize the damier print as a Louis Vuitton, so they are less likely to notice it.
  6. Wow, you can't go wrong with either!! I purchased the mono speedy as one of my first two purchases (along with a damier Saleya so I got my fix of both at once!). Damier is much more understated...I've carried mine everywhere and not many will notice. Mono...more know it's LV. Again, either is a timeless classic choice!
  7. I prefer the monogram one, and if it's her first, I'd definitely go with the classic !
  8. My first LV was a pouchette accesories. I have the speedy monogram and I think this is a timeless classic that will be a wonderful gift for your sister.
  9. it will be her first...i figure i need to spill my handbag obsession over onto someone and rip away that damn liz claiborne she is walking around with....sighs....i dont know how we are related...but i will fix it
  10. I love BOTH..! I'm sure your sister will love whichever one that you end up getting for her. I know I would... :P
  11. If you don't know how she's going to act with an LV get her damier because she wont ruin that bag. If you know she'll take care of it with her life, Mono it up.
  12. she has a point :yes:

    i've been using my Damier Papillon 30 ever since i got it because it's something i don't have to take pains to look after :P
  13. yes this is all very true.. i'm not so sure she'll be as anal as i am when it comes to "The Vachetta Rules". Damier is more and more appealing. Problem is i might want to keep it :rolleyes:
  14. Considering the fact that damier canvas HAS been around longer, it should make damier more of a classic than mono, shouldn't it?;):smile: I LOVE my mono bags but recently got a damier speedy and can't say enough good things about it! Maintenance free, GORGEOUS and goes with EVERYTHING!!!:love: My vote is for Damier!:yes:
  15. share, love :yes: