Damier or mono Speedy?

  1. Ladies-
    My DH is getting me a Speedy 30 for my birthday in August and he has said I can get it early-like next week (I can be a real PITA when I gotta have something:graucho: ) anyway I am torn between the Damier and the classic monogram-I love them both-and need some advice which to get. A little bit about me-I dont work outside of the home I am in my early-ok-mid 40's (but dont look a day over 33) I design jewelry and my daily wardrobe consists mainly of short denim skirts and funky tops-I am 5'5" and can stand to lose 35-40 lbs. Based on this info what would y'all advise?
  2. Mono!
  3. WOW,sound a little like me , the size part ,except i'm 50 and work in a lab, realll casual . I just got the damier speedy 30 and love it. Its light and new, why don't you try it. The mongram will aways be here and the new damiers are made in France (IF THAT MATTERS TO YOU). I had my first monogram 20 years ago and used it to h- lll. I love the speedy shape and I also have a black epi speedy 30 , so anyone you can't go wrong!
  4. I can't decide, too... I'm going to buy a Speedy 25 next month, but I'm still so torn. I really like the Damier-style, and I already have a MonoLV, but somehow... IMO the Speedy looks nicer in Mono. :love: Mono! :amuse:
  5. i vote for the damier! :biggrin:
  6. mono! you sound more casual, so i'd go with the mono
  7. Look at it this way ~ either one you get, you can always get the other one at some point down the road!! :biggrin:

    I'm like you, I work at home, don't have to dress up at all and I'm very casual, mid-40s..... I wear mono a lot as it goes with mostly everything. The Damier to me is more classy and dressy. I do want one though at some point.
  8. Mono, but you cannot lose with either. Can you get to a store and try them on? I LOVE the speedy and so will you!
  9. Is it true that the material on the mono is more rigid than the damier speedy ??

    I do not own any speedys as yet but would love to get the both (mono and speedy) eventually.
  10. From the info. you provided...the Mono.

    I have the mono 30, and recently bought the damier 30. I'm going to return the damier. I feel as though it's just "not me". I dress the same as you. Casual, jeans, t shirts, sandals..etc. I'm also 5'5", and need to lose 20 lbs. I'm returning it because it just seemed "too dressy" for me, the leather was a bit more suple then the mono, and than leather parts: handles, etc. were too dark IMO (for me). I tried with jeans, etc. looked nice..it's beautiful...but just seemed more business-like or something..ugh i don't know...HTH!

    Good look in whatever you decide to do! They are both very nice bags!

    btw, I also don't work outside the home. I'm a SAHM. Kids are 11, 7...anyways...I'm in my mid 30s...exactly MID bday is in a few days 3-5! heehee!
  11. Yes, I was at a LV store the other night and thought that the damier is more "supple" than the mono. I am a teacher and a mom and just adore the mono for myself as I rarely get dressed up, I use mine everyday.
  12. If he really loves you, he'll get Both :graucho: ...j/k

    My first Speedy was the Mono and It goes with everything Casual or Dress. So I say go with Mono.
  13. I say Both also...But if you can ONLY get one....Mono for your 1st speedy
  14. I agree, go with the monogram for your first Speedy :biggrin:
  15. There should be a rule: everyone's first LV piece HAS to be a MONO SPEEDY!!!:biggrin: