Damier or Mini LIn Speedy?

  1. I am torn between the two. I have a Damier Saleya MM, Monogram Speedy 30, and the Batignolles Horizontal. What do you think I should get? Also the pro's and con's of each one. Thanx :smile:
  2. I have Damier and mini lin speedy. I personally think damier is much more durable than mini lin. mini lin sags more than damier speedy 30. Mini lin is more slouchy and fits more stuff IMO. I got my damier first and DH surprised me with mini lin. I didn't plan on getting mini lin. Would you consider azur??
    I read about color transfer for Azur, it scares me but I still want it.

  3. i think they're both gorgeous. probably if getting one i would get the damier but i am really coveting the mini lin right now.

  4. Thank you for the help and the nice picture. Does the Min Lin fray, since it is made from cotton/linen? That is what is scaring me. I like a bag that will stay nice, with little care.

  5. Thanx :smile:
  6. then i would stick with the damier i have the mini lin and the damier and while the mini lin is a beautiful bag its hard to take care of due to the materials its made of and it had the potential to snag easily:yes:

  7. I haven't seen any missing thread or fray . It's tougher than I thought before but not as tough as damier.
  8. mini lin speedy :biggrin:

  9. Thank you. That is what I am afraid of.

  10. Thank you for your help.
  11. hmm.. a toughie since they're both darker and have no vachetta.

    I'd actually consider going for the damier azur speedy just because it's more different from what you already have.

    But if you only want either the regular damier or the mini lin... I personally prefer the regular damier, but I think the mini lin would better complement your current collection.

  12. Thanks :smile:
  13. I have the Damier Speedy and i love it. I tell you to buy the Damier because i think it's more durable and easy to take care of.
  14. i prefer the Damier. i don't care much for the Mini Lin :blah:
  15. I think the colors of the mini lin are gorgeous. I have the damier speedy and I love how durable it is, but there's something about that mini lin that I really like. I have the azur speedy as well, and I like it OK. My dh bought it for me as a surprise. Personally, I would have picked the mini lin over the azur, mainly because of the color. Azur will be better for me in the spring and summer. I think the soft look of the mini lin makes it unique among the speedies. I don't think I could use the mini lin everyday, though. I tend to be a little harsh on my everyday bag!