Damier or Epi?

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Damier Speedy or red Epi Speedy?

  1. Damier Speedy

  2. red Epi Speedy

  3. Neither!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I can't decide if I should get a Damier Speedy 30 or an Epi Speedy 30 in red. Which would you pick?


  2. Since I have other epi bags, I would choose the damier.
  3. If you don't already have any Damier, then I would get the DamierCanvas Speedy

    Whatever you decide, have fun getting it !:heart:
  4. i have neither but I think the epi range is beautiful.
  5. i think the red is too flashy for a bag as big as the Speedy 30

    the Damier is more understated, but also very classy, and it's an all-year, all-weather bag :yes:
  6. I love both, but I would probably go for the Damier.
  7. :yes: :yes: I have both bags except epi speedy 25

    If I have to choose, I will go with damier..
  8. Not the best picture (taken with cell phone camera), but Red Epi Speedy 30!!!
  9. I love them both, but the red Epi is gorgeous...I vote for red Epi Speedy!
  10. Hi,

    The speedy damier answers to a large demand. I've once asked for it to the LV staff but they answer me that it was only available for a special order. Now it is a real luck that it is available! So, I have bought the monogram with regrets because damier is much more sober (and in France there is so many ugly fake monogram's). Now I would like to buy my speedy in Epi leather because it is so chic. To answer to your question , if your want something more casual that matches with a lot of clothes and accessoiries choose DAMIER. If your want something more sophisticated choose the EPI Speedy but whatever you choose, Speedy is a very good value. A beautiful bag and very functional. It is a secret for nobody that it is the best seller of the Maison LV.
  11. They're both gorgeous imo but end up getting the damier 30 and since I love the epi in red, I got the Alma in red:yes:
  12. Damier:yes:
  13. I would choose the damier!!! I like it much more than the epi... but I would be weary and would need to MAKE SURE the lining on mine doesnt bleed as some purse forumers have had problems with that. *shudders in fear*
  14. damier hands down :P
  15. another vote for the damier...
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