Damier or Epi Speedy?

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  1. Hi everyone, <waves>

    I'm relatively new to the forum, been lurking and admiring for a little while.

    I'm finally ready to buy my first LV next week, but I'm having trouble deciding, and would like some additional opinions. I don't live anywhere near a boutique, which makes it difficult to go and see them in person.

    So what would you recommend for my first LV, damier 30, cassis, or black epi 25?
  2. Black, or cassis Epi, then you can save for the damier!
  3. Damier 30! It's a great first LV!
  4. Love the black epi 30
  5. black epi for me....then the damier :smile:
  6. Absolutely love the epi speedy 30 in black-she is gorgeous , but if you want an everyday back to throw and gow, the damier 30 or 35 speedy is soooooo easy. I cannot lie, i have both and my epi makes me feel so classy but my damier is my go to bag....
  7. Black epi 25 was my first LV and still my most beloved. I'm using her today!
    She's classy, casual and simply effortless to wear.

    I do have damier azur 25 and mono 25 too. Love them also (speedy girl!), but the black epi speedy is really something special!
  8. Difficult choice.
    I like them both so much!
  9. the epi seems definitely work-friendly, but i think the damier is acceptable as well.

    if this is a first-ever LV....i'd say damier.
  10. You cannot go wrong with either black Epi or the damier. Both are great and versital.
  11. I would say epi. I think it is very dressy, and would look great with aven a casual outfit.
  12. Black Epi!
  13. Since it's your 1st LV, I'd go with the Damier 30! My 2nd vote is for the Cassis only because that's on my wish list and it's a beautiful color!

    Good Luck deciding and Welcome to tpf!
  14. 1st choice - Cassis Epi Speedy
    2nd choice Black Epi Speedy
  15. damier or black epi.. such great speedy choices.