Damier or Epi cardholder?

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  1. I cant decide which credit card holder to purchase. I like both Epi in black, or the damier. Which is more approiate for a man? Is the Epi 100% leather? Any thoughts appreciated!
  2. I like both but the Damier has more character. GL deciding
  3. I prefer the Damier for a guy.
  4. Damier Ebene is my favourite print in general, but I have an Epi cardholder (in red) and I absolutely love it. I've been using it for a few years and the quality is great. Yes, it's 100% leather. Leather on the outside, and a leather lining inside.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either!
  5. Damier Ebene is my favourite print, and in my oppinion the most sophisticated of the LV canvas. The Epi is more for a serious businessman with black suit + tie.
  6. Thanks, after looking at both I feel Damier has a bit more "character". Since I already have mono wallet and a black pocket organizer Damier will be a nice change up!
  7. De
  8. My bf has one damier. Durable purse.
  9. I have one damier wallet, use over 8 yr. No wear:smile: