damier or azur?

  1. I'm not sure you guys, what would go with indigo in the summer and pomme/amarante in the fall, azur or damier? I think I want to get both eventually but for now, for the rest of the summer into the fall and winter, what to get?
  2. I like the look of Pomme D'Amour with Damier Ebene and Indigo with Damier Azur.:yes:
  3. ^Same here. Also, I think I'd like the Amarante better with the Ebene.
  4. I like the ebene better.
  5. So you girls think indigo would clash with the ebene?
  6. Indigo and ebene won't clash. Just won't be a wow look. Very conservative.
  7. If you aren't planning on getting borth straight away, i would go with ebene, as that can work for both summer and winter, however I think that azur is more summery, and wouldn't work as well in the winter, kwim?
  8. I like the Azur so much.... it seems to go well with pomme/amarante.
  9. I wasn't so into Azur before, but now that I own a piece, I love it! It goes so well with the Amarante Inclusion bracelet & ring I just got!
  10. LOL does it really? Now I'm not sure.
  11. Azur! :boxing::feminist:
  12. btw this is for a mini pochette, for everyday errands and stuff. if i don't need my agenda then basically all i need are cles and phone, maybe a mirror and tampon.