Damier or Azur Damier?


Which do you most prefer?

  1. damier speedy 30

  2. azur damier speedy 30

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which do you prefer?:nuts:
  2. I love the Damier bags especially because they are low maintentance with no vachetta, but I love the crisp fresh look of the Azur. But its just as high maintenance as a regualr mono b-cuz you have to baby the vachetta.

    So i didnt vote because I'm on the fence. Sorry. :shame: I'm no help. Just ignore me. LOL
  3. I prefer the regular damier, but the azur damier will probably win because its new and everyone is excited lol :smile:!
  4. I voted Azur because you have the Cerises so you have a brownish speedy already. I guess I also just want it to warm up & be spring already so the light, happy, springy Azur gets my vote today. :smile:
  5. I prefer azur, was never a fan of damier although it's sort of growing on me since joining tpf.
  6. Regular damier.
  7. i like both
  8. I voted for Azur cos once I ever think of buying regular Damier and Azur speedy. Ended up buying Azur and mini lin back home. ----Boring of brown normal pattern like LV and Damier.
  9. I like both..that's why I have both..
  10. Maybe it's because it's January and I'm thinking spring, but the azur appeals to me more---the brightness and cheerfulness of the colors are so nice.
  11. definitely azur
  12. Azur...:love:
  13. I like the regular Damier better.
  14. definitely AZUR :smile:..
  15. Im with the majority:yes: I just love the azur. Even though its light it just seems so perfect for every season!:heart: