Damier on ANTM

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  1. I just remembered that when I was watching America's Next Top Model last night, Gina was carrying some sort of Damier tote. Can't remember which. Did anyone else notice this? I think it was during their "supposed" makeover.
  2. yeah........i think it was either the ribera or duomo.....couldn't get a great look at it
  3. Yeah I noticed that too, but I didn't have enough time to tell if it was fake. Happened too fast. V
  4. Although I was happy to see an asian woman represented on ANTM... I was disappointed in their choice! She has great bone structure, but jeez is she STUPID! The way she acts and speaks is a shame!!! I'd usually be rooting for a fellow asian woman, but I hope she gets the boot soon b/c I already cannot stand her!

    And I think it was the Duomo she was holding too!

  5. I saw that too, I do not think it was the Duomo...the line didnt look right...maybe the ribera (the larger one).

  7. What a humiliation to have her as an asian wannabe top model. shes worse than jessica simpson! At least pick an asian girl who is pretty and dumb rather than an asian girl who is dumb AND ugly. sheshhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............
  8. Exactly my point too! I'm very disappointed at their pick of the Asian girl. She stutters (more than me :lol:), shuts down when she's in front of a news panel, and hides behind all the other girls. I really would like to see a more confident girl to represent us ladies! :suspiciou
  9. I saw it, too! It looked like it may have been a Ribera..?