Damier not so indestructible (for me)

  1. I am pretty OCD about my bags -but I discovered a tiny white dot on the bottom of my Damier Saleya MM - I don't know what the heck it is or how I could have possibly gotten it BUT it won't budge - can't get it out with Mr. Clean magic eraser, or baby wipes or even using a soft brush. It won't hurt the look of the bag or keep me from carrying it but WTF??? - a white dot on the Damier pattern is brutal!!!!!
  2. relax relax...have u tried just using mild soap and water? just a suggestion! is the 'dot' popping out?
  3. I did try soap and water - It doesn't appear to be popping out - It looks like a perfect tiny dot of white paint (that is impossible) I am so anal, I will probably end up taking it to LV. I guess you could tell Rensky - that I am not relaxed.
  4. Sorry to hear about this. I hope it works out for you. I am also very OCD about my bags too.
  5. I would be freaking out too. Can you get a picture of it?
  6. You will not believe what I did!! I took the pointy end of a pair of tweezers and rubbed the point gently over the dot and LO AND BEHOLD, I actually scrapped it off to the point of invisibility!!!!!! I would never recommend that to anyone but it worked in this case - You know, just sharing these problems with people who understand makes things happen!!!! Thanks guys!!! drama averted this time!
  7. Yay!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Those white dots are very common on Mono and Damier canvas. I have always been able to remove them using Apple Leather Cleaner - a small drop on the area and a clean cloth to scrub off. Don't ever use the cleaner anywhere else like the vachetta or it make make a very dark mark.
  9. I get white marks on my damier koala wallet and coin purse too. I just wipe it with a damp cloth.