Damier Nolita

  1. I want this bag, but I wonder is this way to big? Give me your opinion.
  2. I was thinking of buying this bag too, a couple of years ago....so I went down to look at it inperson and it was really huge on me (I'm 5'5"/size 14). I only buy big handbags but, this was too big...it was like a small suit case. If you're thinking of purchasing this beauty, definitely try it on inperson.
  3. I love that bag--I always say, the BIGGER the BETTER--I feel like I carry my entire life in my bag. I have the Monogram Canvas Deauville. I think they are the exact same size. Only downfall, you can't throw the shoulder on your bag if you need to. I have before, but it looks and feels way too awkward. Are you used to carrying larger bags? I am so I would definitely love it, but it probably would be a good idea to try it in person. Have you seen the Damier Ribera or the Damier Parioli?? You make like those too! Good luck!! :biggrin:
  4. it's nice...but i like the Duomo better.
  5. Definitely a luggage carry on size kind of bag, get the ribera or duomo or alma instead. this one is really big.