Damier Nolita?

  1. Hey guys, any thoughts on this bag? It kinda reminds me of the deauville? I like the damier print the best. AND I love a substantial bag for everyday.
  2. I like the Damier canvas as well! It's so very classy and understated. I've never seen teh Nolita in person but I like it a lot by pictures. Seems like a bag for daily wear and professional use.

  3. It's kind of cute, looks very professional.
  4. that would be a great alternative to the monogoram deauville or trouville.
  5. cute but kinda big.
  6. It's Gorgeous
  7. its cute:biggrin:
  8. It's pretty big to be an everyday bag. I used to own this bag and loved it! I used it mainly for light travel.
  9. love it!
  10. I love this bag. It's HUGE!! I bought the "older" version from eLuxury so mine doesn't have the alcantara lining. I've noticed the one they have now has the alcantara lining. Needless to say, I was very sad and every once in a while, think about selling mine and buying the latest version.
  11. Great-looking bag!
  12. Love it! The bigger the better! The best thing is no naked vachetta to worry about!
  13. Looks like a bowling bag to me....
  14. the nolita is cute, but it's so big!
  15. I LOVE this bag!!!!!! I think it's great for everyday. But I am tall, so I a biased! It's a great price as well. It's only $985.