Damier Nolita

  1. Does someone own this bag? I really like it.:yes: On the LV website it says that it has numerous inside pockets, but there aren't any pics of the interior.
    Do you use this bag often? Any info would be appreciated!
  2. I have one. There is 4 pockets. 3 inside for with one dedicated for mobile and one zip slot. there is one outside the bag. Yes, I use it often. Its bulky but I get used to it now.
  3. Hi, my friend has one and loves hers! I really liked the bag on her and almost bought one myself (but ultimately decided to get the Manhattan GM though). You can definitely fit a lot in there and it's a nice red fabric lining.
  4. I luv this bag. My uncle has one for traveling (the GM). Its very masculine and bold in shape.
  5. Thanks, for all the info. It's really helpful. I love big bags and want to get something in Damier which I can still carry in some years time.