damier nolita or ribiera mm????

  1. my wedding anniversary is fast approaching:love: and i can't make up my mind as to which one to get.........

    TPFers, please help:flowers:

    thanks so much in advance:tender:
  2. I think I like the shape of the Ribiera better....Good luck deciding! :smile:
  3. Damier Nolita~
  4. ribiera
  5. Ribera! :smile:
  6. I suppose it depends how big you like your bags. I saw it for the first time the other day and it was displayed with the luggage pieces. It is ginormous!!!
  7. I very much prefer the look of the Nolita... I wished they made it in a smaller size though, because it is really huge!

    Because of the size factor, I guess I'd choose Ribera MM.
  8. ribera mm :smile:
  9. Rebera MM only!!!!
  10. definately ribera mm! it has such a cute shape.
  11. Nolita
  12. ribiera
  13. ribera, i love it!
  14. Ribera MM!
  15. Ribera!