Damier Nolita for Christmas!

  1. My husband got me the Damier Nolita for Christmas! :cutesy: It is gorgeous. I was nervous the bag owuld be too big (it's the smaller of the 2 not the 24 luggage) It is the perfect size and I love how this piece holds its shape! I will post pictures later. Happy Holidays!
  2. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see the pics! Happy holidays to you too!:heart:
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Congratulations!

    Model pics plz!?!?:flowers:
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  6. Congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  7. Congrats! =)
  8. Congrats! Can't wait for pics!
  9. Congratulations! I have the Nolita and I love mine!! Enjoy your bag!
  10. congrats...lets see some photos
  11. congrats!!! merry christmas! :smile:
  12. its a great bag, i had one and i can sling under my arm apparently, love it

    congrats ... must enjoy!
  13. oh, this i have GOT to see. On you, preferably, not just on a bed or something.
  14. Lol~Me too:p !!
  15. nice hubbie!! congrats :smile: