Damier Noir?

  1. i mean, what if?


    black and white damier
    black patent phython rolled handles
    mirage-like detail on the bottom

    would you buy it?

    :flowers: just a thought.
  2. I would have it with black vernis handles, tabs, and no mirage fading...just my vision! But the idea is fab!
  3. that is really cute
  4. I think it'd be too strong for everyday, really, who many would wear contrast damier black and white pattern? It's like black and white polka dots.

    Interesting idea though. ^_^
  5. interesting! I'd love to see something like that IRL...
  6. hmmmmm......not feeling it. Too much stark contrast, imo....
  7. hmmm...i dunno,Im not completly sold on it....but i dont hate it....maybe if i see something like that in real life,i could make up my mind
  8. nah. black and white sounds and looks terrible to me.
  9. I'm not really feeling it. Too bold for everyday but I probably wouldn't mind it on a small bag like a pochette.
  10. Sorry, but too high contrast, IMHO. Part of what I think is so GORGEOUS about the Damiers (both the Ebene & the Azur) is that they are not your basic checkerboards. I didn't realize that from looking at pics of them online. It was only after I saw them in person that I saw, in both instances, there is subtle shading in the colors. I think that re-doing Damier in black and white would lose that subtley.
  11. Not sure... I'd have to see it IRL...
  12. Kinda reminds me of the floor of a diner. Not really feelin' it.
  13. ^agreed! That was my first thought........too checkerboard!
  14. Hmmm. It's too 80's checkerboard for me. I prefer traditional Damier and Azur, and I think the checked patterns looks more classic colors with less contrast.
  15. I'm not a fan of the black and white, but I think the azur blue color and navy would look awesome!