Damier newbie... Which one?

  1. AZUR or REG. DAMIER???
    It has to be a speedy 25 but cant make up my mind which I would like best out of the damier line.
    I have always been a Monogram girl and am wanting another speedy 25 as they are my favorite bag in the whole wide world.
    Please help me decide!!! Here I go again,lol! :lol:
  2. I prefer the regular!
  3. Azur
  4. I have both and love both. But if I were you I'd start out with the regular...and maybe add the Azur in the spring? ;)
  5. I love the regular but I think it depends on where you live on how often you could wear it. Here in the south we barely have a winter and spring starts in February! LOL! So i'd go with azur. We have a much longer spring and summer season. If you're up north where the weather is snowy and rainy go with the regular. Both are fab!!
  6. ^ I agree... Azur seems more spring-like... I am really liking Damier myself these days... Good luck with your purchase!
  7. ^ I also agree with the above.... I love love love the Azur but it is more spring-summer like. The regular Damier is awesome for fall/winter. Personally though, if you like the Azur more, I'd say just go for it!
  8. Both are a must have. I would go with regular first.
  9. I love the look of Azur, but to me, its a spring/summer bag. I find regular damier old and stodgy (sorry if I offended anyone!).
  10. i prefer the regular Damier; it's easy to take care of and it goes with everything, all year round
  11. I bought a damier speedy 25 as my first LV, but returned it a couple days later for the Azur 30...I love it! However, I am eyeing the damier Trevi, so really, either color is awesome!

  12. Thats funny because I kinda of feel the same way about the reg. damier except for the trevi pm which I love
  13. Regular - the azur is gorgeous, but IMO it works better as a summer bag, and the regular is better for "winter use" since it doesn`t have any vachetta etc. I love `em both though! :yes:
  14. Well I got reg. Damier because I live in Montreal and winter is long here and I can wear it more than Azur, but ill probably add Azur later on when I have more funds:smile: If you like both, go with the one you think youll use most now, and get the other one later!
  15. For the damier collection I get the azur first... has lovely colors but I am going to get the ebony so soon.Its so classy and the interior is georgeus. Personally get azur and ebony too.. but you have to decide which one first..:smile: