Damier Neverfull

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  1. I saw this Damier " Neverfull" on eluxury.com
  2. That's actually the Manosque PM. ;)
  3. hahahaha!! :roflmfao:

    I thought that already comes out this month
    apparently not yet release grrrrrr!!!! :cursing:

    darn I hate waiting fo soo long :hysteric:
    already feels like 'lady in waiting'
    alas mostly my bags always sitting on my wardrobe hahaha :p
  4. When is the release date for the damier neverful? I want one in azur too :yes: That would make me happy :p and my wallet sad :sad:
  5. a lots rumour saying further back date January 2008 or June 2008

    so.. no idea then, my wallet already impatient doing to spoil/splurge to shopping so end up buying another bag!!!
  6. Oh that is a bummer. An Ebony Damier Neverfull would make a great fall/winter bag. I am not as excited about the prospect of it coming out in June.
  7. I'm sad. I wanted the Ebene as my fall winter tote and the azur as my summer tote. The way it's looking is the ebene won't be out till spring wich means azur won't be out untill fall. :tdown::crybaby:
  8. Wow, just got the call that my wife's damier neverful will be available this saturday, Nov. 8th (Calif.) !!
  9. is available in the Azur also?:drool:
  10. I posted this in another thread but I think this one is a more appropriate location.

    I called the Scottsdale LV store and the SA assured me that they would have Damier NVs on Nov. 15th. I added myself to their waiting list but I'm really hoping that I'll be able to get it online so I can bypass sales tax. Do you guys think that eLuxury will have the bag at the same time too? Do they stock items that quickly?

    I really, REALLY want one of these bags. That bright red lining contrasting with the rich chocolate and mocha checkerboard is TDF. :drool:
  11. Please do a search as there are many threads talking about the release date for the Damier Neverfull. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.