damier neverfull spotted! ??

  1. hi everyone..

    im fr singapore. i wana say i spotted an auntie carryin a damier neverfull yest. i was lk.. eh? :nuts: i saw the red lining too. hmm.. most prob a fake rite? coz i read in the forum that it's not even in production yet? anyone can verify it? anyhow i read on other forums that fakes these days r v fast and lk the imitations of the iphone were already on sale 6months before the actual iphone was out for sale!! :wtf:
  2. Ugh...they're always one step ahead. That's why I love LV though...they always change something before they come out so the fakes are much more obvious.
  3. hi there Lvbabydoll! :smile: hmm.. so cfmed fake ya? but i was juz tinking.. these imitators are really fast!! i mean.. imagine.. they heard of e news much beforehand then started production and now e stuff r on the streets. im lk amazed!

    anyhow.. u said LV always changes somethg abt e products before they're actually out? does tis apply to all products/designs of LV? were there any changes made to the monogram neverfull before?
  4. Yeah, I doubt Damier Neverfull is out yet. We saw fake Mirage before it was even released in stores.
  5. i think that even if LV didn't make a damier neverfull, that the counterfeiters would come out with one anyway.
  6. yeah that is sooo true! sometimes they even have their own designs. :tdown:
  7. Most products. And unless it's an obvious change like the lack of a red LV symbol on the Multicolore pattern (i.e. they had the red LV on the runway bags, fakers saw that and copied them exactly, then the authentic ones were produced withOUT red LV's) then we don't really know anything about what, exactly has changed.
  8. whew.....for a minute there, I thought it was an early release.....!!! Not yet !!!
  9. I agree... :push:
  10. babydoll>> ohh icic.. i thought u gers would know or notice such.. thanks for the extra info! nice to learn something new ;)

    travelbliss>> haha.. but whats the estimated time of release? form what i read so far.. from as early as nov '07 to jun '08! by the way, is the damier neverfull gona be more ex?
  11. i wonder they coming out with epi neverfull ???
  12. That would be very interesting!!! I don't have any Epi pieces, but I love the Neverfull shape, so an Epi Neverfull would be cool!!! (but with silver hardware!!) Wishful thinking!
  13. :nuts: tts a nice tot! hee.. come to think of it, i tink i feel for neverfull coz it's lk a tote bag. i like bags w no zips, spacious & all :p but.. pricing wise, is damier neverfull gona be more ex?? can anyone tell me? but if it's epi, definately more ex huh? :sad:
  14. ^^
    The Damier Neverfull will be priced similar to the Mono Neverfull. The look book quoted a price in the low $600 USD range - I believe. However, prices still subject to change upon release of the purse, but should not be too much higher than the look book price.
  15. ok! await e release of the new neverfulls! hmm.. i read somewhere in the forum that the damier azur is also gona come out in the neverfull. hmm.. wonder wat else and when~ :idea: