Damier Neverfull sneak peek

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  1. since i'm planning on picking up my watercolor speedy in person at ala moana, i decided to check out their site to see if there was going to be sales or anything special going on when i stumbled upon this:


    with this description:

    Louis Vuitton
    Neverfull Damier Pre-Launch in Hawaii May 16

    Characterized by a modern, feminine and pure design, these bags are both supple and light to fit the everyday needs of women on the go, available in 3 sizes. Hawaii will have the exclusive first launch within North America.

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  2. It's really cute! I heard it will not be available in the continental US, though. Is that true?
  3. thx Caley, i am planning to fly to ala monoa as well to get my damier neverfull....i am in the States.
  4. not until 2009 unfortunately :sad:
  5. Oh darn, I was going to pass on that ~ but it's too cute!

    Thanks a lot Caley ~ you enabler you ...LOL!
  6. lol i know, i'm sorry SweetPurple.

    i know a lot of you won't be able to get it til next year, but i thought i'd share the pic. cause as far as i know, there isn't one of it yet :smile:
  7. uhm ill DEFF. be getting that! thanks so much!!!
  8. Ooh la la...I can't wait to see a tPFer's IRL pictures!
  9. ^^^ I'm just messing around Caley:heart:, I do appreciate the pics!

    Post pics when you get yours!:woohoo:
  10. lol i know SweetPurple :hugs:

    i don't really know when i'll be getting mine as my house expenses and watercolor speedy has taken its toll on my purse fund. mine will probably come to me in june or july.
  11. Thanks caley! I can't wait to get it! I hope you get your watercolor AND neverfull at the same time! :graucho:
  12. Thanks for that fab photo, caley !!! I :heart: it !!!!
    Any news on the Azur NF ???
  13. Oooh la la! This is the first open-top bag that has actually called out to me! Thanks for the pic, Caley. I have a feeling I will be getting this next year when it's available in the mainland. Love that interior color!
  14. thanks so much for the photo! love the red interior yummmm:drool:
  15. i wish there was more pics this bag is gorg