Damier Neverfull Release date in Australia??

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  1. does any one know the Australian release date or the rest of the world release date? really appreciate it :smile::smile:
  2. This is what I want as well. I just love it.I rang the LV phone no. for Aust. & they said they don't know if we are going to get it all. It's so unfair if we miss out on this gorgeous bag. You should be able to get all of their products world wide IMO. I am going to ring every now & then just in case our luck changes.I just bought the Damier speedy 35 & I just absolutely love it & I want more Damier it's just so beautiful.
  3. arghh....
    i saw this woman today carrying it @ sydney... i was gawking like mad and my mother thought i was nuts. It was a NF Damier MM...... NO idea where she got it, probably overseas. Or maybe a fake? I didn't get a close look because I was running around for the bathroom in the shopping centre but argh.. it looked so good irl!
  4. Hi there s2ing_u, she wasn't a blonde by any chance was she? With short hair, and tall and thin?
  5. she probably got it in japan, i saw a girl with a damier azur and graphite KP. made me sick
  6. Yes, my friend just went back to Australia from here (Japan) and she had just bought the Damier NF.

  7. I had asked an SA the same question when I was away on holidays (Melbourne) and he had said that we will definitely be getting it in, but the release date is still not confirmed yet. He was only certain that it would be within this year lol

    So I guess that is somewhat good news =)
  8. LVOE_J , thanks for that. At least we are going to get it. :woohoo: I hope it's sooner than later. I so love my Damier speedy 35 & can't wait to get the neverfull GM.
  9. thats great news! Thanks for the info LVOE_J. Then I'm Defiantly buying it here in Australia with the dollar so low.
  10. LVOE_J i hope that is true :smile:

    my SA told me tha the isn't sure if we are getting it at all, and that is the 2nd time i bombarded him with that questions.... I sincerely HOPE we are getting it as it is serious love. If not, I shall have to import it from Japan, but our dollar is so damn weak!

    oh gaijinmommy, sorry, no it was a short asian lady with long hair. probably got it from japan... lucky woman... I am dying to go Japan to start with... and a damier NF.... *dies twice*
  11. s2ing_u, Oh, okay, thanks!! Well you might see my friend around anyway there some other time, lol, and you'll know it's not a fake, lol! ;)

    I too would like to go to Australia sometime. And I hope you get to come to Japan someday! Also I hope you guys in Australia will get the Damier NF available to you soon!!