Damier Neverfull: Never seemed so long a wait!

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  1. Does anyone know when the Neverfulls will be available in Damier? I heard January 2008.
  2. They were originally scheduled for Nov. '07, then some tPFers said they heard JUNE '08! I just called 866 and they said January '08 - I'm crossing my fingers that that's the correct date!
  3. will it be available in azur as well Jan 08? I really want one.
  4. I've been hearing that the regular damier in ebony wil be available in Jan. 08. I don't think azur will come out at the same time. I think LV plans for the Azur to come out later in 08. I was hoping earlier, but I more time to save, right
  5. yippee, more time to save for the azur!!!
  6. Didn't know about the Neverfull in Damier. I think that'll look great in Damier. I may even consider one since I need an all weather bag.