Damier Neverfull MM or Damier Speedy 30 for everyday bag

Which bag would you choose for an everyday bag?

  • Damier Neverfull MM

  • Damier Speedy 30

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Apr 1, 2009
San Jose, CA
I am undecided between the Damier Neverfull MM or the Damier Speedy 30 so please help me choose. I am planning to use this new bag for the coming Fall as an everyday bag (to work, on weekends, and go out as well). I do not have small kids but I do carry lots of stuffs daily. These are the pros and cons that I come up with between these two bag (in my situation only...)
Damier Speedy 30:
Pros - dressy, zipper closure, and I don't have a Speedy yet !!!
Cons - hand-held only, and I have the Damier Trevi PM (not sure if they look kind of similar)

Damier Neverfull MM:
Pros - Shoulder bag, beautiful red lining, and big Zipper pocket inside
Cons - Open top and casual

Please give me your advise which you like better. I don't like switching bags so I will be using this New Damier Bag for the next couple months.
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Jul 9, 2009
I have them both (Speedy in Azur though), and I love them! They are both really good bags! But if you do carry a lot of stuff you should go with the Neverfull. You already have a "dressy bag", your Trevi Pm, which you can go out with and take to dinners and so on. The Neverfull is perfect for everyday use! I have mine with me everyday. And I also think if you "fasten" the strap on the Neverfull it can look a bit dressy as well! It also depends on what clothes you have on! You can almost make any bag dressy with the right clothes. But as I said before, the Trevi is great for dressed up things! Go with the Neverfull! You can buy the Speedy later, it will always be there.


Apr 1, 2009
i prefer the speedy 30 but for you, i'd say the neverfull if you want it as your everyday bag. i love my speedy but sometimes it's kind of annoying that it's handheld, especially if i'm out all day. i dont have a neverfull but im assuming with the open top of the neverfull, it's more convinient to put stuff in and take stuff out. the opening in the speedy makes things harder to get to if you have a ton of stuff in there.