Damier Neverfull MM or Damier Speedy 30...for a new mommy!!


is a Mommy!!!!
Oct 1, 2006
sooooooooooo I'm in debate between the Neverfull MM and Speedy 30!! I"m gonna be a new Mommy soon and I can't decide which one I should get.

I already have the damier azur 30 and a monogram 35, and I was actually carrying the monogram 35 yesterday and found it to be unbelievable heavy! not sure if it was the pregnant part (i'm 8.5 mths!) or i really did stuff it...

I like the Neverfull because it could be used as a diaper bag, beach bag, travel bag whatever...but then if i fill it up and use it as a diaper bag won't that be too heavy for me to carry? Also I already have a diaper bag that I will use anyway.....

I really like the damier speedy 30 because I love speedies...and they're totally my style (travel, casual, dressy...anything!) and the only thing that's making me think of a shoulder bag is to free up my hands with the baby....

ah..I dunno...someone help me! MOmmies give me your advice..stick to a shoulder or ok to have a handheld?


No more bags!!!!
Mar 24, 2009
^^I don't think it will be too heavy...I have both bags and my Speedy is always much heavier than my NF. Also the NF is worn on the shoulder...with a baby you need your hands to be free as much as possible. You can't really do that with a Speedy IMO.


Oct 29, 2007
You can get a strap for the speedy to wear over your shoulder if need be.....maybe an option since you really like the speedy.
Jul 23, 2006
Definitely the NF. I rarely pull out my Speedy. Sometimes, I miss it and carry it to the grocery store when the kids aren't with me. If I have my toddler, it's almost always my NF.