Damier Neverfull Club!!!!

  1. question

    does a made in france neverfull GM ebene ever just have two of the louis vuitton little boxes on the bottom or do they no matter what have four of them on the bottom?
  2. how tall are you sis? i am planning on getting a gm instead of an mm but im afraid it wud be too big for my 5'2" height. thanks
  3. I am 5'3" and the mm is just right. Still looks big though. I think for short people the gm is too ginormous.
  4. I'm in the club. I love my Neverfull MM. I have been using it most of the summer.
  5. :smile: finally part of the club!

  6. Hi5! Can't get enough of this bag. I just bought a DE Neverfull MM on the weekend as well :biggrin:
  7. I love!! Now I want the mm de! I'm deciding to get the base shaper or not cause it Is a large bag.. and it kinda sags
  8. Best without base shaper
  9. really? why is that?
  10. Im happy to join this club, i just love My damier neverfull MM its my every day bag
  11. Love my DE Neverfull MM!!!!!!!

    It was my very first LV...I bought it 3 years ago and I still love it to death ..

  12. Does anyone use the Purse-to-go Zip Top organiser in Extra Jumbo for the Neverfull MM? If so, any pics? I want to see how snug the fit is. Cheers :smile:
  13. Count me back in! Sold her last year and regretted it, finally rebought it today!
  14. Looks great! How are your straps holding up?
  15. Thanks! The straps are actually in pretty bad condition. :/ on one of them the glazing has completely cracked and peeled off.. It's quite sad and horrible...but nonetheless, I still love her