damier neverfull..and your thoughts.

  1. recently i've become more and more interested in the neverfull PM! i want a tote..but not too big...i'm deciding between BV and the neverfull..

    do you guys think the neverfull in damier will be a bit more sophisticated than the monogram neverfull?

    and will the "noe-like" straps be too stiff on the damier neverfull?

  2. I like the Neverfull better than the BV... But I like the BH better than the Neverfull.

    I am waiting to get the neverfull in Azur. I hope it comes out sooner than later.
  3. I saw the Damier neverfull in the look book, with the red with the black stripe cloth lining....

    I didnt really like it and I do think that the Mono one is a better look...but overall, I dont really feel this style of bag, unless its for shopping or something...I like more substantial looking bags for everyday...the opening is way to big for a shallow depth bag....

    Its cute though for sure...just not for me....
  4. Hm i don't know much about them since i don't own one and i only saw them for 1 second! But i think the damier one will look really pretty!
  5. I tryed it on in gm, and i loved the never full. It was the first bag to get me to like mono belive it or not. It is so light weight and I carry alot of stuff for work. That said I think it will look great in Damier. It is a casual bag though . You want it in the pm size which adds a less casual look to the bag.
  6. I think it would look great. My mom is waiting for it in Azur...hopefully it comes out soon!
  7. black stripes on red cloth? that seems a bit weird..

  8. I definitely want a Neverfull... i just can't decide between azur and damier... but I do not know the answers to your questions! LOL.
  9. Yeah...I thought that they could have done better too but I guess we have to see it in person to be sure...but it was definelty red with black stripes on the look book...
  10. hmm..i'll have to wait till i see it then...but that's good, cuz i think my SO will :noggin: if i get another bag now :p

    i told him about the neverfull and i said i'd wait till nov to see the damier to see whether i prefer the damier over monogram...he said "that means u will get a bag soon right"

  11. I tried on the BH in the store and after having gotten the Neverfull PM, I love the neverfull!! The straps are great and they don't slip off your shoulder like the thicker straps. They just sit there and it's not even that heavy even with all my stuff in it.

    I vote Neverfull!!
  12. I got a Neverfull MM about a week ago and I loved it very much. I tried on both PM and MM. MM is more practical for everyday use (The height of the bag is the size of an A4.) I put my clipboard inside the bag when i go to school. And besides the price difference between PM and MM is so small, so why not get a bigger one?:nuts: Personally, the GM is WAY too big.

    Eluxury is now selling them now (in all 3 sizes) if anyone is from the States here :graucho:

    I don't really mind neverfull in damier, anyone has a picture of that??
  13. I am waiting for the neverfull in damier...i have been wanting a damier shoulder bag. i think damier is always a bit more "less casual" than the mono. i cant wait to see pics!!!!
  14. I haven't seen the lookbook featuring the Damier Neverfull yet... so what did you mean by the "Noe-like" straps for the Damier Neverfull? Are the Damier straps thicker than the straps on the Mono Neverfull? Are the Damier straps similar to the Hampstead straps? Just wondering.... Thx!
  15. I tried on the mono neverfull last week and LOVE it .. such a great casual bag....I want a pm one:heart: