Damier Neverful being pushed back to '09 ??

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  1. Hi guys!!!!

    If you are like me and totally counting down the days until the release in May...then you can totally understand my rage!!!!!

    I really hope that the SA on the phone is wrong, he says that he just received an update in their daily e-mail that this piece is being pushed back till 2009, with no other info. Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this!!!! He tells me to call him back in a few days....

    Its the only bag I have any feeling for right now so its such a bummer..UGH!!!!

    :confused1: :sad: :yucky: :shrugs:
  2. lord, I hope not. I've been waiting FOREVER for this bag, but what the new wave of PF gossip seems to say is that the info was pulled from LV computers and the release date is no longer May 2008, but TBA...

  3. Hopefully it wont be pushed back too far...sigh.....:hysteric:

    Seems strange that they would do this to a simple piece like the Neverfull....evil LV!!!
  4. no.................. i want this bag so much!! they cant do that!!!!! SO UNFAIR!
  5. I was at my local LV boutique yesterday and they too say 2009 now for the damier neverfull :sad:
  6. I called the 877 vuitton the other day and they also said it is definitely pushed back to '09 for North America, only Japan and Hawaii are getting it in 2008... I was devastated. :sad:
  7. Why would they possibly do that? So, if we want to get one in 08 we have to have one shipped from Hawaii? That seems silly. I am glad I have a contact at the LV store there. They always seem to get the cute bags.
  8. :confused1::sad::Push::amazed::huh: :wondering: :bagslap:
  9. That sucks!!!!
  10. It is so similar to the hampstead, I was wondering if anyone would spend the money for the hampstead once the neverfull was released...maybe that is part of the reason.
  11. :tdown::cursing:
  12. exactly, once the sides are cinched, minus the plate... well good for my wallet. maybe they wan't to sell more mono ones before the damiers come out
  13. noooooooo......
  14. hawaii is not that bad...prada is cheaper there and i assume LV the same?:confused1:
  15. Yup, confirmed the 2009 push back with my SA. He also said Hawaii stores won't be allowing transfers, but maybe if any mainland shoppers already have a relationship with an HI SA, they could get lucky. Who knows?