Damier Naviglio, help please!

  1. Hi! Can anyone tell me if there are two versions of the strap on this LV model? The one I have does not have the words LOUIS VUITTON on the strap and neither does the photo on eLuxury. I was looking through my Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 06 catalog though, and it has the Naviglio with LOUIS VUITTON on the straps. Is it different depending on the country of origin? Or are the purses without the words older stock? :huh:
  2. I have a feeling that it is probably older stock. But since I'm not 100% sure, I would suggest that you ask an LV manager. I recently bought the Naviglio too (at the LV boutique) and in addition to having "LOUIS VUITTON" on the straps, the bag also had a brown-coloured canvas lining (like a chestnut or chocolate brown). I believe the older design had terracotta lining. So, I think LV's just updated/altered their model.
  3. my 3 year old Naviglio has a plain strap and terra cotta lining. i wasn't aware they've changed it. i kinda like Damier with the reddish interior.