damier musette, anyone?

  1. i just got the larger ribera on saturday and on the same day, i saw the damier musette which is simply gorgeous!
    i am still thinking if i should get it.... i already have 3 other sling bags now.
    i would like to hear some comments =)))
  2. Which other sling bags do you have?

    I think you should get the Damier Musette... it's simply gorgeous in Damier Canvas and you won't have to worry much about getting caught up in the rain with the bag!
  3. Hi,
    i have e burberry one, one agnes b, 2 coach ones... ok, so tt makes it 4 already!
    i love the musette but am so concerned that i am just going to have more and more sling bags and only sling bags!


    oh! and, it seems like alot of people who have bought the damier azur speedy are selling it. some of my friends are... i thought that the damier azur can brighten up an outfit and looks really good. I just do not like the patina part... so , have always loved damier more :wlae:
  4. Buy the Damier Musette and sell the Agnes B and a Coach sling bag.
  5. ok, hahaha,
    i will go to the lv store again and try it on one more time!
    you make me wanna get it immediately!!!
    will wait till i get to the store and will update on if i get it or the azur speedy =)
    thanks john!
  6. I have the damier salsa and LOVE it, looks good with pretty much any clothing.
  7. hi loopylorns,
    i was looking at the salsa from the louis vuitton website too! that day at the store, i did not know that there was one smaller than e musette..
    will ask to try on the salsa too ( if they have it )

  8. I got the Damier Musette Tango for my mum, and I was very tempted to keep it. It's so easy to carry, and like loopylorns says, goes with everything! It's her "go everywhere" bag now, the speedy's a distant memory... :smile:
  9. I have the damier salsa, with the long strap. I use it everyday for work, and just love it!!


  10. I have tried both on at the store (the salsa and the musette). They both seemed like very functional, great day to day bags. I say try on both and see which you like better! Good luck...
  11. I have had my eye on the damier musette for a while now. I keep putting off buying it, but it is a great classic bag. I love bags that you can carry everyday and not have to worry about the weather. It is a great looking practical bag. Hmmmmmmm........I guess I better buy it....lol
  12. I have the Damier Musette and I love it
  13. I think the damier musette is nice too! i almost bought it too. hee. Then the SA recommended me the mini lin sling bag, and I thought it looked better on my round body.
    Go for it gal! :woohoo:
  14. I love musette... I am going to buy the mono one... do not think about it musette is georgeus.... have fun with your new bag.
  15. Go for it!!!