damier/mono speedy 25 or 30

  1. which should I get?
    is 25 too small? what can u fit?
    I am of a small frame.. only 155 cm.. and sz 7 aussie (0 us i think)

    how much is a good price to pay for an good condition used damier speedy 25? how about 30?

    is damier more exp than mono/
  2. Hi luvmilo!

    I'm pretty small too and about 160cm, size 8 aus

    I think the speedy 30 is a better size - also much more of a classic. The 25 in my opinion is only big enough to fit perhaps a purse, a mobile, and a camera. I like being able to stuff also a book, or diary into my bag to pass time when I'm bored - and I don't think the 25 would be able to do this.

    Also - damiers should be the same price as the mono. Not sure about used prices though. Hope this helps!
  3. I personally love bigger bags so Speedy 30. The best way to decide is to go to a boutique and try it out:yes: Damier and Mono have the same price. Since Damier Speedy is new...not much price difference between a new or used ones.;)
  4. 30 means 30 cm wide right/ and 25 means 25 cm wide?

    i like to fit purse , phone, .. i like spacious book.

    I saw damier speedy 25 on ebay... n was thinking to bid

    how about sonatine.. its too small eh?

    thanks :smile:
  5. i'm 164 cm, and i can't go any bigger than the 25. i have both the Mono and Damier Speedy 25, and they can hold a lot of things. if you find that the 25 looks better, but you want to carry more things, you can buy a Purseket, which not only holds more things, but keeps the shape of the bag and prevents sagging :yes:.

    here's how someone at 164 cm looks with the Speedy 25:
    speedy 002.jpg damier speedy 002.jpg
  6. I'm loving the damier 30 right now.
  7. hey thank u for posting ur picture
    very helpful =) love ur damier *drool*
    i dont think 25 is too small anymore, and I way shorter than u like 10 cm :P
    what is a purseket?? Purseket
    i have yet to get my 1st lv.
  8. ok2.. what is a good price to pay on ebay
    - damier speedy 25
    - mono speedy 25
  9. i don't really know how to explain without explaining it wrong :shame:
    go to purseket.com :yes:

    the Damier Speedy 25 is only $595, and most of the ones being sold on eBay cost much more. you might as well buy from eluxury. as for the Mono Speedy 25, there are too many fakes going around there, so you should buy from mypoupette sellers like let-trade, authentic_lvlady and fashionphile.
  10. yah i keep looking at those sellers stuff too =)

    okie lv experts..
    pls have a look out for me..
    if u see speedy damier/monogram good condition (i dont like patina color.. got to be clean) for a reasonable price
    pls pls pls remember pm me =)

    25 or 30... which ever...
    I am open to both
  11. It really depends on how much stuff you carry around and what your general wardrobe looks like...if you have a lot of casual clothing, the monogram seems cuter and the damier always seems just a tad edgier. The 25 is the cuter size, probably cause it doesn't sag as much, but if you get a 30 just get a piece of cardboard or plexiglass and put it inside to stop the sagging. Hope that helps!
  12. The second one if absolutely a fake. Louis Vuitton doesn't have those tags hanging off their bags. The first one certainly looks real. Although I've never seen that little monogram booklet that is in the pictures, ask for a picture of the date code to be sure.
  13. ^ Both are fake....can you post authenticiy question at "Authenticate This" :yes:
  14. I have the Damier Speedy 25 and I can fit lots of stuff in it. All my usual items such as wallet, keys, phone, checkbook, meds, pen, makeup, etc. - plus a small journal or a sandwich, and a bottle of water.

    If it's your first LV, I highly recommend going to the store if possible, to see the sizes in person. Also I think it's worth it to buy these from the shop instead of eBay - you don't end up saving much if you get a used one that's good quality, from a reputable eBay seller.