Damier "mini bags"

  1. Ok, I think studying for exams is sending me slightly insane, so I'll try and be as articulate as possible but just bear with me :P :biggrin:

    I'm seriously contemplating buying the Damier Speedy when it comes out :heart: But, I'd really love to get a mini bag or something to put inside it and occasionally use as a real, albeit small, bag. I'm thinking in the vein of the Monogram Mini Accessories Pochette but in the Damier finish. Is there such a thing though? I've just spent quite a while looking at both eluxury and vuitton.com and have not come across anything...

    :heart: Thanks everyone
  2. i don't think the mini pochette comes in damier. have you considered the key and change holder?
  3. That's what I suspected :cry: I really wanted something a little bigger than the key and change holder only because I know I'll want to use it as a smallish bag. I know the Marais comes with a small bag/pochette thing, is there anyway I can buy that on it's own?
  4. I dont think you can buy it seperate from LV. I have seen a few of them go up on ebay every once in awhile. If not, you could try special ordering a damier mini pochette.
  5. You can go to the LV store and tell them that you want to buy a replacement part for the Marais. That's what they told me when I wanted to buy the Mini Papillon in Damier. Same price as the Monogram. But are you sure? The mini is VERY SMALL.
  6. The Navona would fit in the Speedy later on and it is a really cute bag on its own.:heart:
  7. *note to self*: next purchase: Damier Navona!!!
  8. I was going to suggest the Navona as well.
    In addition to the Navona, another option you might want to consider is the Damier Trousse Makeup Case. The measurements are 5x6x2". It has a handheld strap and can function as a very small handbag as well. It can also attach to the D-ring inside larger bags. It's approximately $265 USD. I've attached a jpeg below:
    trousse makeup case.jpg
  9. I have the damier trousse makeup that eyelove posted. It's a great bag. I carry it inside of other bags and will use it in my damier speedy when I finally get one. It fits quite a bit for a small bag. I use it for errands at work (dashing out for lunch), going out to dinner, and quick trips to the store, etc. I love it!
  10. Good idea! I like the mini pap as well, how much was that one if you don't mind me asking?
  11. It's the same price as the Accessories Pochette.
  12. Does the mini pap hold much?
  13. Not at all. Lol, I can only fit my phone and my keys in it. Go try it first. They sell the Mini Papillon in the monogram alone.