Damier Milla vs Eva

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  1. Thoughts on the 2?? Which one is bigger? I want a cross body bag...Light weight, worry free (hence Damier) and i'm trying to stay away from the Azur (Just not a fan....)

  2. Well you've just described the DE Eva so that has my vote! The milla only comes on azur so that's no good anyway :smile:
  3. And the Eva has the cross body strap and is much larger. The measurements are on the website. I'd also recommend watching YouTube videos on the two as the milla is really slim
  4. Milla is very small, hardly holds anything. I own two. I don't have a shoulder strap for them, didn't know t here was one. Its just hand held by the chain, I thought. My chain kept getting loose on mine when I carried it and the bag dropped from my wrist on several occasions. It was my first experience with bad customer service at LV. They said it was my fault, I was carrying it wrong, but that is another story. They "repaired" it even though it was all of six weeks old, but I never felt comfortable carrying it on my wrist again, and now throw it in a tote. Silly but that is how it is.

    The Eva holds a lot more, has the crossbody strap, and looks great. But lets face it, neither one of them hold a lot. I like the look of the Eva more and use it a lot.
  5. Milla is flat and smaller. I have it in Mono. They do not offer it in DE anymore. You are probably better offer getting the Eva. Or how about the Favorite PM in DE? :smile:
  6. Eva definitely I have it and love it!!!
  7. Get the Eva. The Milla is super cute but doesn't much at all because it's really flat. And as others have mentioned Milla only comes in Mono and Azur.
  8. You would want the Eva. I have the Milla in MC white. I love it but I use it as a wallet and then it's a great clutch for weddings or Christmas party's. But for everyday wear...too small.
  9. No doubt, its eva for you!
  10. DE Eva ... I have 1 and the first time when I bought it I used it 4 months straight without switching to any bag.
  11. It sounds like the Eva would work better for you. Eva is a clutch, mila is more of a wristlet-- it's a lot smaller and more like a pochette.
  12. Thanks all!! Eva in DE it is! :smile:
  13. ps: size wallet that fits inside the Eva?
  14. My vote goes to the Eva! I have a DE Eva and it's so versatile :smile: Also fits more than the Milla. HTH!
  15. thank you! You've helped tremendously ;)