Damier Mezzo I just ordered one!

  1. Alot of you know, I was poised to buy someones SO Damier Mezzo but unfortunately she changed her mind...LOL its such a beautiful bag who could blame her!!
    Anyway....I went to the Boutique today and ordered one!!! :yahoo:

    I am sooo excited!!!

    Hopefully it will come in as quick as some of the other gals who have ordered it!

    Will keep you all posted!!
  2. Oo:huh: congrats!!! That is going to be such a great looking bag!
  3. Thanks! Its going to be a wicked long wait! LOL
    I tried the regular Mezzo on and I am soo excited. I didnt like the Chelsea, Saleya GM or the Parioli at all. I like the shape of this MUCH better.
  4. Could your day get any better? :graucho:

    Congrats Selena.
  5. Oooh congrats! That will be a gorgeous bag!
  6. Yay! I so want to SO one of these, but I just keep holding off. They're so beautiful, though. I'm jealous! Hope you don't have to wait too long.
  7. Congrats, that is a truly beautiful bag.
  8. So awesome :yahoo: Can't wait to see pic's, I hope it doesnt take long to arrvie.

  9. Congrats!!

    How much did you have to pay, if you don't mind me asking??
  10. How awesome! Congrats!
  11. Congrats! It's going to be one gorgeous bag.
  12. He thought I would get it easily by Nov..maybe earlier. He actually told me that they are pretty much already made in France as they are a popular SO. He told me it was $1240.00 but only charged me $620..today so I am assuming I will be taxed at the end?? I also think he charged me the old rate..before the last price increase..so I was happy about that! Hee Hee! Almost all of the Damier totes are over $1K so this isnt bad to get EXACTLY what I want. I wouldnt have been happy at all with the other totes available. Each one had something about it I didnt like. For example:

    Saleya GM was SOOO HUGE at the base, I couldnt put my arm down..really wide.

    Chelsea, good size but the shape was to angular and i didnt like the top of it as it had sharp edges. Also didnt like the straps on the side. Looks to utilitarian for me.

    Parioli, really pointy and jabbed me when I wore it, also didnt open wide enough, very thin and just not nice to me.

    The Cabas on the other hand...rounded edges, opens wide and perfect proportions for me.

    I had the Store Manager call corporate and see if there was any chance it was going to come out in Damier as part of the regular line, he said nothing planned at all. So that was good.
  13. Congrats! It seems like a lot of people have been SO-ing them lately..maybe they'll *eventually* make them a permanent addition to the line. :heart:
  14. That would be great! I hope they do eventually.
  15. LOL I hope they dont for a little while....I did pay 30% more! LOL