Damier Marais

  1. I've been looking around for a 3rd LV to add to my current collection of the Popincourt Haut:love::love: and Ludlow wallet which Hubby got me for my birthday this year. I absolutely adore my PH as it's a shoulder bag so I have my hands free to carry my 5 month old son, it's roomy enough to use as a diaper bag on quick trips AND fit all my essentials at the same time, the cuteness factor isn't bad either. Anyways I was looking for a bag that fit all of the above and found one I think I like, the Damier Marais. Problem is I haven't seen it on an actual person so I was wondering if any of you had any pics of it on? If not then bag recomendations would be good too. Thanks
  2. It is small :sad: . I ordered one for my mom and she returned it and got the Alma in Damier. I tried it on and loved it, but once I put all my things in the bag, there wasn't room for me to get my hand in.... also, didn't like that everything can spill out. My purse is usually co-pilot in the car and when I break quickly, she's on the floor and everything comes out:Push:

    I was having a Damier crisis last month and finally decided that if I was going to blow that much $$, I might as well order what I want. So I special ordered the Cabas Mezzo in Damier. I plan to use it as a diaper bag too.... should arrive in Nov/Dec.
  3. Thanks for the info! And I was thinking about possibly special ordering a mono bag I liked in damier as I'm having trouble finding one I like but wasn't sure how to go about it. How much is it going to cost you to have it done, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I just got the Marais about two weeks ago and I love it! :love: It is a great size for everyday. And it fits great on the shoulder. I will take pics this weekend and post for you to see. :yes:
  5. I believe it costs about 30% more to special order.
  6. i was going to buy this today but felt that it was too small for me but then, i really suggest that you go to your nearest LV store and try them all on and pick one that will suit your need best.
  7. Thanks! I would go to my nearest LV but it's three hours away in London :crybaby:, hence why I prefer to shop from the official website instead.
  8. its to deep and narrow, what about the damier chelsea? i'm definitely a dieheart fan of it since I got it after several no goes like the cabas mezzo, parioli and damier alma..........
    Its a great size and am getting several complements on it.
    I can put in alot and still have room.Give it a try or at leaast check it out at LV
  9. Here are the pics. Keep in mind that I am five-feet tall and that my four-year old son's bathroom mirror is due for its weekend cleaning! :lol:
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  10. I love it! I'm 5'7 though so it might look a tad small on me, the size it is on you is the exact size I was looking for :sad: Pity they don't make them a bit bigger LOL
  11. i have a marais too, only thing i didn't like about it is that there is no zipper, just a wide opening. but it is a nice bag, i like it when i buckle it to make the straps shorter thus it is a cute hand carry bag. shazzykins, maybe you can consider a Vavin GM if you want something similar and bigger.
  12. I have always loved the Marais in photos from eluxury, but I didn't realize it was that small. Addictedtolv, thanks for posting your pics!
  13. You're welcome! :flowers: It is the perfect size for me!
  14. I sold my Marais for it was small for me. I hated that it didn't have any zipper or any type of closure on top.
  15. Hey ladies. I know this bag has sort of fallen off the radar but I am looking for a shoulder bag in damier and I prefer smaller bags (I have the NF PM and I LOVE IT, wouldn't want anything bigger for a daily bag) and I think the marias may be what I am looking for but can't seem to find ANY pics of this bag on someone. Could someone post a pic if they have one? Or any thoughts about it? Thank you for your help!