Damier Marais Bucket or Damier Papillon 30?

  1. Which is cuter/more versatile? I'm concerned that the bucket might not be safe to carry in the city b/c of the open top, and that it may be a more "mature" looking bag (I'm in my 20s). Thoughts?
  2. I have the Marais and the Mono Pap 30. The top of the Marais closes up when you carry it on your shoulder so I don't feel that security is an issue. The Pap 30 is very cute and I use it when I dress casually. IMO, the Marais is more mature looking - I am almost 38.
  3. Damier Papillon 30, hun...the Marais' wonderfully convenient for everyday use, coz you could just throw everything in...but that's also its greatest flaw...everything could easily spill out, in inevitable situations like tripping, dropping handbag, etc.
  4. i don't like the shape of the Bucket/Marais and the fact that it's an open top, so i would say get the Papillon 30. i have the Damier Papillon 30 and it's a really great bag :yes:
  5. papillon.
  6. definitely Damier Papillon 30 for me :heart:
  7. Damier Papillon 30! Soooo cute!:heart:
  8. Mh, tough. The Marais might be a bit more comfortable... but I don't like the open top. The shape of the Papillon is darn cute, personally I prefer the 26 :love:
  9. Damier pap 30.. now with red lining..:love: :love:

    I love the shape of the barrel..
  10. Papillon 30! Love it!
  11. Damier Papillon 30. It's hot!!
  12. I also say papillon... i like that better than the bucket overall.
  13. I don't like the shape of the Marais! So go with the Papillon!
  14. I myself like the Marais a lot but if you're afraid of open top than get the papillon, they are both awesome!
  15. This one is easy:yes: I vote for Papillon 30.