Damier Ludlow Question.

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  1. I was trying to find one off eluxury, but I didnt see it :sad:

    Could someone please tell me the retail on a Damier Ludlow? Also, for any owners of a ludlow what are the pros and cons? I know its small, but I've heard some ladies already express that its very functional and able to carry the essentials (cards, cash & change). Thanks for any advice!
  2. If you need a price on any current bag you can call the hotline, or any local LV store & they can tell you.
  3. I purchased a Damier Ludlow wallet off eLuxury two summers ago. I thought it was too small and I've switched to a larger wallet. It's a really cute piece, it just wasn't large enough to fit all that I needed it to. One of the biggest problems that I had with it was that I had to place my paper currency in with my change...I wasn't very organized.
    I wish I could find a use for it, but I just haven't thought of one yet.

    If you need photos or whatever, let me know. I think it retails for $255 currently, but I don't think I paid that much.
  4. I just checked Elux in the monogram canvas, and it's $255. Damier should be the same, I would think.
  5. Thank you Tammy!

    Thanks gojackets for saying your likes and dislikes. I'm afraid I will have the same dislikes, but I'm thinking I might need a small wallet some day for smaller purses so maybe thats a good thing. .? I already have a large checkbook wallet so thats covered.

    I am still undecided :Push: Please, anyone else? Dis/Advantages?
  6. I have one in mono and I love it. I use it when I swtich off to my smaller bags. It fits a handful of coins, my ID/student ID and ATM card. As for cash, just make sure you dont carry too much. It wont fit!

    Hope it helps.
  7. I have the bronze Vernis version and I ONLY carry it when I need the bare essentials and am carrying a pochette. It doesn't fit many cards or much cash because it gets too bulky and won't snap.
    It's a nice wallet if you don't plan on carrying much but since I rely on my PTI so much, I find it hard to downsize very often.
  8. ^^ Thank you so much ladies!!
  9. If you only have a few vital cards to bring around, the ludlow is enough. In fact, my Damier billfold's been in the cold since I've gotten the ludlow and I have a few more in vernis too. :P

    It's actually a really handy compact wallet when you're out for functions and need to fit it into ur evening bag! HTH!:flowers:
  10. I was just going to recommend to you the Portemonnaie plat as well. I bought it for my best friend in the multicolor like 2 years ago and she LOVES it. Now she wants a small wallet in either the monogram or like a quilted chanel one cause she's scared of getting hers dirty. I just bought her a Speedy 25 in monogram or otherwise I'd just get her the darn wallet. ;)