Damier Lovers

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  1. So...I've been thinking about the Damier line. I have two bags in the mono (Speedy 30 and Cabas Piano), but every time I am out and about and see a Damier bag, it always catches my attention. It just sort of calls out "Nice bag here!". But when I think about buying one, I start to think "Hmmm...a checkerboard pattern????" So, Damier lovers....tell me what it is about the Damier that you love and which one do you love best! :biggrin:
  2. I didn't like Damier for years, kinda thought it was masculine, then I saw Cristina's papillon, so striking and I dodn't like that bag in the Mono at all. For me it depends on the bag, some I like in Damier, others not. Damier embodies a real understated elegance IMO. I just got the Damier Saleya MM, love it, looks so good with everything, tons of compliments!
  3. I also have a Speedy 30 and Cabas Piano and a month or so ago I purchased a Damier Duomo. Its sooo classy and regal looking. I like that I dont have to worry about water stains. I like that not everyone carries it. (Not many fakes). I like that its LV. I am at the point where I dont want to keep getting Monogram as its to similiar to me.
    Go for it you will LOVE it.
    Good luck.

  4. My first LV was a Damier Soho backpack. I loved the fact that it was LV but not too common. I also liked the fact that is a bit subtle since you don't have the logos all over the pattern. I like it in Soho, Saleya, Papillon and Ribera. I personally think it looks better when there's a curve to the shape of a Damier bag b/c it does have the tendency to look masculine.
  5. I never liked the LV mono because there were too many fakes out there. So I decided to buy the Damier Alma and I love it. It is a very classy bag and you don't see a lot of fakes being carried in that style. I also, get tons of compliments when I use it. I think the Damier and Epi are my favorite types of LV. Of course, I love the Suhali but it is way too much money for me. I say, go for it! You won't regret it!
  6. totally agree! its such a lovely bag! :amuse:
  7. I really like the Damier Belem PM does anyone have that? is it too small?
  8. i didn't like damier until i tried on the duomo this past christmas...i tried on the duomo, the ribera, and the papillon, and the duomo looked best on me.

    i think i say this in every post, but really, by trying on the bags you'll find things you may like something in person that you don't like in pictures...or that something you're dying for in pictures does nothing for you.

    other than the saleya (and koala, of course), there is no other damier bag that i'm CRAZY :blink: over...
  9. I would love to get a Damier speedy or papillon. I love the mono but am always worried about stains because it rains so much here and my Recital has no patina yet. So I definitely want to get a Damier bag next. :love:
  10. I like the Damier line. It's classy. You should get one!
  11. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !!! Thanks, glad I influenced you :shame: :P

    The damier papillon 26 was my first LV, I bought it not too long ago in November. I think that the damier canvas has such a cool pattern, and can be worn dressed up or casual. I have worn my bag with both jeans and a suit, and it looks great both ways. It's durable, too. I have slung it around a bit :shame: carried it in rain, etc.

    My favorite damier bag is the papillon, but the saleya is nice, too! :love:
  12. My first damier was the naviglio, which I chose cuz I wanted a messanger bag and the mono pattern just seemed too... what should I say... overwhelming(?) on a bag that size (which I considered to be pretty big at the time, although since then I have ventured on to even bigger bags). I still carry it frequently and love it.
  13. Cristina, could you take a pic of it on your shoulder? If you wouldn't mind, that is. :shame:
  14. I love my damier 26 papillon. I use it with everything including shorts! Larger size 30 I think doesn't look right under the arm it gets squished. Its the style and versitility that I love about my bag. But...there are more damier styles that you may love!
  15. i just got a belem a few days ago. i used to think that the pattern was a bit masculine but i agree with bella1 if you choose a style that's curvy like the papillon or belem it's just perfect. plus, it's weather proof.http://www.purseforum.com/images/smilies/love.gif