Damier Lovers: Would you like it if..it weren't LV

  1. Ok. I know we all love LV, or we would not be here. And Damier lovers, you know why you love it, it's understated and elegant, without the worries of vachetta. (this, of course, applies to the much-loved ebony version) and well-made. Take away that LV label, though, and :smile: how many would carry a checkerboard purse? Just wondering....
  2. I would. I just ordered a ebene speedy 25 and am worrying about whether the "Louis Vuitton, Paris" label will be too eyecatching. I HATE logos.
  3. Well if it's well made and comes in the same models as Louis Vuitton offers - I would.
  4. Definitely.
  5. I LOVE the shape of the Speedy and I LOVE the pattern of the Damier (especially the Azur) so, yes, I would still carry it! It would probably have cost me a whole lot less if it weren't LV!!
  6. Yes I still would. I love Speedys... they make me feel instantly fashionable LOL. And i like the checkerboard pattern!!
  7. I still would because I love the pattern BUT I would not carry it if it didn't have the same benefits such as craftsmanship. I in general like bags that are made well and most of all made to last!
  8. I would...I just love a pretty Speedy!
  9. That's precisely why I like the Damier, because it doesn't have LV all over it so yes, if it weren't LV and another company with excellent craftsmanship had thought of it and someone brought it to my attention, I would DEFINITELY get it.

    This is why I like the Epi, Nomade, and Damier lines. They're understated and classic.
  10. I've been carrying my Saleya to work for a couple of months, and I always get compliments on it, and so far only one person (out of around 15) knew it was LV, and they loved it anyway! I feel like it's my own little secret.

    So yes, I would definitely buy it if the quality and craftsmanship were the same.
  11. yes!
  12. Yup - I carry my damier as my work purse - it stays under the radar... As long as it is a high quality bag, I would still get it.
  13. The reason I love the damier IS the checkerboard aspect of it! I loved it when Fendi did it back in the 80's or was it early 90's too. I have bought ties for my dh w/ checkerboard designs before and I just got a table cloth and matching napkin set for a girl for her bridal shower with a derivative of a checkerboard pattern in a nice hue of gold stain resistant fabric. So ummm yeah...I'd wear a checkerboard purse if LV didn't do it first, lol, any other checker board purse though imho is kind of an inspired wannabe damier, lol.
  14. Yes, that is why I'm DamierLover and not LouisVuittonLover...:yahoo:
  15. I like the pattern!