Damier Lovers - which is the best bag?

  1. I am leaning towards the Saleya PM. But I can't stop looking at the Knightsbridge and the Highbury... I need something on the shoulder. No Speedies for me... :sad:

    Who has these bags and what are the pros/cons of each?
  2. I love the look of Manosque GM and Saleya GM
  3. I like the Saleya GM.
  4. i like the look of the papillon 30!! i think its sooo cute
  5. I love the Saleya PM.
  6. I like the papillon 30!!!
  7. I have (and love) the saleya PM, but it's really not a shoulder bag. It does fit, but not comfortably....
  8. i love and own the saleya mm. great size, and does go on my shoulder, even though it's tech. not a shoulder bag. i think the gm would be too big, unless you are pretty tall, and then it might be fine!
  9. Thanks for the info... I am 5'9"... I lug a diaper bag around with me everywhere so I don't want two massive bags. I haven't seen the Saleya PM in person, but will keep the MM in mind. What are the pockets like inside?

    BTW love your avatar w/ baby! Very cute!
  10. i :heart: saleya mm and papillon30 in damier
  11. Ditto~:yes:

    I just bought a Saleya MM and it's IMO one of the best Damier bags to have in terms of storage. :jammin: Stress free too!

    I almost bought the GM but it's realllyyyy huge so you might want to consider either the PM or MM for a Saleya. I think a Recoleto's not bad either but that seems more to be a dinner bag unless you don't have much to tote around. :flowers:
  12. I love my Saleya PM! :yes: It fits a lot but it doesn't have that huge bag feeling.

  13. Thanks!

    the mm info: There is a cell pocket and another pocket big enough for a french wallet or small agenda- or something that size, anyway. they are right next to one another.

    i also bought a large red purseket and that gives me lots more pockets. there is overlap of the purseket, though.

    i use this as my diaper/everyday bag. i can put what i need in here for both baby and me w/o looking like a sherpa mom! i only carry a real diaper bag when i know i will be gone for a long time- like to a friend's house for the day. otherwise, for doing errands and going back and forth, this works perfectly! it also looks nice with everything. one of my friends, not into purses, told me she liked my checker bag. it made me quite happy!

  14. I've seen the purseket - how much is it? What do you mean by overlap - like with the regular saleya pockets?

    thanks again for the info...
  15. the purseket was, $22, if i remember correctly. maybe $26- it was under $30, that i know! it overlaps with itself by about one pocket. it sits just beneath the lv pockets- it really fits pretty nicely. i can put snacks in the pockets, chapstick, etc. it also protects the interior of the bag! the pursekets come indif. colors, but the red matches the interior of the saleya exactly! i'll try and send/load photos either tonight or tomorrow!