Damier Lockit?

  1. any news if there is a damier lockit coming out in the not so distant future?

    ...coz that would just be amazing if they did!:idea:
  2. I have not heard a thing about a damier lockit.
  3. I've never heard anything about it either, maybe eventually you can special order it.
  4. A Damier Lockit sounds nice!!!
  5. That would be nice! I would like an Azur one.
  6. They might release one eventually going by the Mono Speedy.
  7. You don't have to wait that long...
  8. purseonality >>> is there something you know that we don't know yet? ;)
  9. I'm actually surprised we haven't heard anything about a damier Lockit. Since this is the Lockit's release anniversary or whatever and they had all these different ones (Epi, Miroir, Suhali...) there's no damier??
  10. I would LOVE a damier lockit horizontal!!!!
  11. an azur would really be nice! :tup:
  12. ^^^ ITA, can't wait to see what happens.
  13. That would be a great bag if they made it .
  14. Ooo i would love a Damier lockit!
  15. I requested a SO for a damier lockit last year but they declined it stating the mono canvas one had not be out for very long ...maybe they have changed that status??? I would LOVE a damier lockit:heart: