Damier lining problems...updates??

  1. Hi guys....

    I am so worried about the Red lining problem on the Damier...I just SO a piece and asked for the Red lining...I asked the Manager about this problem and they seem aware but assures me that it wont happen.....Im not so sure...

    Ladies, are you still having this issue? Just with the Speedys? If you exchanged them, is the new bag any better?:s
  2. I exchanged mine for the Duomo which has a totally different red lining. So far, I think the problem has only been in the damier speedys. What kind of red lining did you request? The red TEXTILE lining is the one causing problems.
  3. I brought my bag in last week it was being sent to "quality controll", I called on friday to get an update on my bag LV HASNT called me back. Im getting very upset right now..I want my bag back!
  4. Oh that just sucks! They should've just given you a new bag WITHOUT the textile lining!:shrugs: Thanks for the post, Bagluvluv!
  5. I returned my Damier Speedy for a mono so I no longer have the red lining to worry about.
  6. That sucks!! I would be upset too..please keep us update.. I hope you will get your baby back soon..
  7. Im getting the Large Bucket...and I wanted them to use the Red lining, since the Mono has the creme Polourethane lining...I didnt want the polyurethane....the Manager told me that she will inform me of what it is...:shrugs:
  8. Your welcome and thank you guys for posting!....Im so worried....I had ordered mine prior to knowing and asked for the new red lining.......:s
  9. Man, I am so out of the loop, please forgive me but there's a new lining for the damier speedy?!
  10. i returned mine recently. and they gave me a credit note.
  11. i am new to all this and was considering purchasing the damier speedy....

    how much does the red come off?? i have a black wallet....is it only on light colored items??
  12. Mine doesn't bleed at all - have had it since June. It has gotten soaked on the bottom, still doesn't bleed. I really don't think this is a major problem. If you have dark accessories, I think you will be fine. I think it was just people with very light wallets, white chanel sunglasses case, things like that. I love my Damier Speedy.
  13. Jen, no new lining in the damier speedy....although some wish there was...some people have had some bleeding from the speedy damier linings. In some in has been quite bad, enough for them to exchange their bag. I can't remember who, but someone even got a new wallet from LV because it was stained so badly.....others don't seem to have a problem at all.

    Bagluv, was worried that the would use the same lining in her SO.
  14. im sorry and hope to not sound stupid but what is the "purseket" ??:confused1:
  15. I am exchanging my Illovo for another damier bag, I sent it back to elux and my speedy is sent back to "quality control." What a PITA! They said 4 weeks but I was talking to another SA and she thinks it may be 8! OMG!