DAMIER leather??

  1. hey experts, is the handle and details on the damier pieces leather?? And what is it coated with cuz it doesn't feel like leather like on mono pieces??
  2. From the Elux Site for the Damier Speedy 25:

    • Damier canvas
    • Smooth chocolate leather trim
    • Rounded leather handles for an elegant carry
    • Zip top closure with padlock
    • Red textile lining with a patch pocket
    Pretty sure it's coated, but not sure with what.. maybe some1 else can provide input?
  3. It is leather. It is different from the leather in mono pieces because mono has untreated leather.
  4. like ILOVELV said, monogram has naked untreated vachetta. the leather on damier is treated and dyed, so it feels different. if anything, it should feel like Epi leather, which has the same treatment. however, Damier Azur leather should feel the same as monogram/multicolor since they're both untreated & naked. :smile:
  5. will the handle get softer?? I got the Illovo PM damier and it's kinda stiff...........so will it soften up??
  6. The leather for Damier is tougher as it's treated. It doesn't really soften as such I find, but I could live with that as they still stay pretty much the same even after years of usage.
  7. ya... the damier leather is like.... "smooth epi" :yes: very durable
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  10. leather handles and trimming and coated canvas!