Damier leather question..

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  1. Hello all!

    I been wanting to ask this but have been forgetting or just busy!!! I will take a pic later today and post up. But my question is....are all Damier leather's exactly alike? Does age have to do with anything?

    Why I ask? Well, I had my Damier Trousse Pouch and my Brand new Damier Speedy next to each other and notice that one was lighter and the other one was darker.

    I don't think that one is fake b.c I bought the Trousse from a trusted seller and the speedy came straght from LV store.

    So can somewhere tell?

  2. Hmm perhaps similarly to the vachetta and as with all leather it darkens with age, so perhaps that is all that has happened?
  3. It may darken with age. Shouldn't be a problem. Some of my mono pieces are the same. The one I've used the most seems to have gotten darker a bit. It's also made of canvas, not leather BTW;). Unless you're speaking about the Vachette, which is leather.
  4. I think she means the brown leather trim on the damier?
  5. Actually, are you referring to the Damier canvas? The shading on the Damier canvas can be different from one bag to the next. I had a Damier Speedy 25 (special order) and the canvas was slightly lighter than the canvas on my Damier Speedy 30.

    I think it just depends on how the Damier canvas material is made.... I've also noticed the shading difference on Damier wallets at the LV store.

    If you were referring to the actual brown leather trim on the handles/piping, then I've never notice a difference on the shading of the actual brown leather.
  6. Hi! thanks for all of the responses.

    I meant the actual leather--not the leather trim on the handles.