Damier Koala Change Purse

  1. Does anyone have one? I did a search but can't find any info, not even in the Koala Club.

    If you have one can you give me a review? Looking to get one this weekend.....gotta do something to celebrate 3000 posts!!!

    Would like to know: Can it hold CCs? Does change fall out? Anything else?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. rileygirl, I'm very curious to know this to. I need a coin purse and thought this was very cute because of the shiny golden hardware, however, I can't see it in person since there is no LV boutique in my city. I did a search too and nothing came up. :sad:
  3. I used to have one. It's very cute. The red interior is delicious. I could use it as a mini wallet (kind of like the Ludlow). Coins don't fall out. It fit at least 8 cards and some coins or folded cash. I sold it because I preferred my framboise ludlow.