Damier Koala Agenda!!!!

  1. So tonight i went to king of prussia mall to get my boyfriends sister whos turning 16 tomorrow a tiffanys necklace and they closed at 4 for rennovations :cursing: ( which we didnt know about until we got there) as soon as me and my boyfriend walked up the stairs and went to the door they locked the door arggg!!! so we decided to go to LV and look at the agenda since thats what i asked him for for xmas....so the SA pulled it out from the drawer and we looked at it...and she tells us its the last one and they dont know when the shipment with more will come in....SOOO he gets it for me!!!!!!!:yahoo: but the catch is since its for christmas i have to wait to get it:Push: ....so i just wanted to share the good news and after xmas i will post picss!!!!!
  2. aww thats so nice of your boyfriend to buy it for you for xmas!! such a sweety, and as for tiffanys closing at 4! wow.. what necklace were you planning on getting? I love the koala agenda!! congrats!
  3. thanks so much!!! its driving me crazy because its sitting in his office hidden somewhere and i want to use it so bad!!!!

    i am going to get her the Tiffany 1837 bar pendant...so ill just have to drive back down there tomorrow and of course i will make a visit back to LV and pick up some LV sticky notes for the agenda!!!
  4. I have this agenda and I just love it. I know you will, too. Congrats!
  5. Congrats!!!
    I also love Damier Koala Agenda!
    What a sweet bf!
  6. Congrats! What a sweet BF!:heart:
  7. Congrats .. what a lovely gift:heart:
  8. thanks so much!!!
  9. congrats! i can't wait for christmas to see what my boyfriend gets me.... lucky you!
  10. The waiting is so tough,,,but Congrats!:yes:
  11. congrats..I bet it's killing you waiting that long..
  12. congrats, wow waiting til Christmas is going to be hard!
  13. its sitting in his office and all i want to do is steal it away from him and use it!!! just knowing its back there and i cant have it for a month is driving me nuts!!!:hysteric: